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Commercial Playground Equipment – For Entertainment and Development

Date Added: September 22, 2012 07:30:47 AM
Category: Playground Installers and Contractors

Children are fond of playing and for their safety and entertainment commercial playground equipment plays a major role. The equipment fulfills children's need to play and add a little sense of relief for their parents too. The equipment is very necessary to establish a commercial playground and very important for societal benefits. Children are full of high spirit, fun and always keen on playing. For them playing on the playgrounds is the most exciting and joyous thing that they can do in their young lives. Therefore commercial playgrounds in parks, creches, preschools, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. have been established with high safety standards playground equipment. Nicely equipped playground ensures safety and fun time for the children. Playground equipment helps a lot in the physical development, agility, adroitness of children. Children love to play with various types of equipment and show a great degree of curiosity in understanding the know-how of the equipment. Nowadays, the use of commercial playground equipment has increased. It ensures cheerful time for the children while their parents are busy working, shopping or in any other activity. Different variety of playground equipment is available in the market and every equipment is categorized on the basis of age group of children. Equipment varies in terms of its design, quality, size and color. The common types of equipment installed in the commercial playgrounds are as follows : 1.Play System: It is a theme based complete set and needs proper installation as every part is separable. Once it is installed children can move in and out of system. 2.Balance: Curved and straight playground balance beams test the ability to make arms, legs and other body parts move in a controlled way. Other balance equipment include log rolls and bouncy beams. 3.Climber: It is designed for children of every age group. Climbers include a variety of sizes, shapes, and challenges. 4.Sandbox & Sandtable: Children enjoy building sand castles at the beach. Sandbox, sand table, special sculpting tables and moon sand playground equipment bring the familiar beach activity to playgrounds. 5.Merry-Go-Round: It turns around in circles and is very common in playgrounds. 6.Tube: This features unique molds in curved and straight designs. It allows children to crawl inside it. 7.Slide: Playground slides are constructed in straight, curve, and spiral shaped. 8.Spring: Large spring rider is for public park playgrounds, as many children will access at the same time. Church or daycare playground may find more value from a single or double seat spring ride. 9.Swing: Very common as a playground equipment. Even elder people enjoy swinging. 10.See Saw: Another common playground essential. Playground equipment is very essential for commercial playgrounds but before purchasing it there are certain things that need to be considered: Type of materials used. For more durability, nowadays, iron and wooden made playground equipment are replaced with playground equipment made of fiber, stainless steel and aluminum. Durability and strength of the equipment. In a commercial playground children of different age groups come to play. Therefore, the equipment needs to be strong and durable enough to withstand the variable weights of children. Also, it should be capable of enduring extreme weather conditions as the commercial playgrounds are always constructed in the outdoors. Wide range of safe children’s playground equipment offering the best quality, durability and safety is available in the market. Author of this article is associated with PlaygroundEquipment, who offer play equipment of the finest quality. Website:
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