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Playground Equipments – Prerequisite for a Child's Development

Date Added: September 29, 2012 09:51:28 AM
Category: Green Playground Manufacturers and Suppliers

Playground equipments are a must-have for your child's social, physical and emotional development. For every child it is a delightful experience to play with these equipments. In fact, a playground is the best place for installing these playing equipments, as they provide a safe environment for playing in a natural setting. Nowadays, every playground is equipped with many types of playground equipments. Read further to know about playground equipments. Every child is keen to play on the playgrounds to their hearts content. A playground is an essential part of every child's life as it provides a safe environment for playing in a natural setting. Therefore many playgrounds have been established at different localities with different types of playground equipments installed in them. Playground equipments play an important role in the social, physical and emotional development of a child. Every child enjoys playing in a well equipped playground. Playground equipments can be classified into different categories. The different types of playground equipments are discussed below: * Sliding Equipment: It is a child's most favorite equipment. It comes in different shapes and designs like tube slide, rumble seat slide, tunnel slide, spiral slide, etc. The height of the sliding equipment is always made according to the child's age. * Spinning Equipment: Equipment like merry-go-rounds that turn around in circles are extensively installed in almost every playground. The whirling motion of a merry-go-round is a fun filled event for every child and helps in gaining balance over the body weight. * Climbing Equipment: Available in many designs and shapes with different levels of challenges for a child that help in strengthening the body. * Balancing Equipment: The curved and straight playground balance beams test the ability to make the arms, legs and other body parts move in a controlled way. Other balancing equipments include log rolls and bouncy beams. These equipments help in improving the coordination skills of a child. * Hanging Equipment: Hanging equipment is the most challenging of all the playground equipments. It comes in different styles like solid bar, swinging trapeze and parallel bar and up and over bar. Playground equipments are extremely essential for playgrounds but before purchasing them there are certain issued that need to be considered: 1.Type of materials used. For more durability, nowadays, iron and wooden made playground equipments have been replaced with playground equipments that are made of fibre, stainless steel and aluminium. 2.Durability and strength of the equipment. The equipments need to be strong and durable enough to withstand variable weight. Also, the playground equipments should be capable of tolerating extreme weather conditions as the playgrounds are mostly constructed in the outdoors. After purchasing the playground equipments there are certain issues that need to be remembered: 1.A shock-absorbing floor is necessary before the installation of any equipment. 2.Place rubber-like material mats close to height based equipments. 3.Never attach ropes, jump ropes or clothes lines play equipments as a child may strangle or trip over these. 4.Always check for any sharp edges and splinters as these may cause severe accidents. 5.All the platforms, ramps, bridges and ladders should have guardrails to prevent the children from falling. 6.Remove exposed concrete footings, tree stumps and rocks. 7.Avoid having any water bodies or pits in the vicinity of the play equipments. 8.Proper supervision is necessary when the children are playing. The installation of playground equipments is pivotal for any playground. An extensive range of child playground equipment offering the best durability and safety is available in the market. The author of this article is associated with Playground Equipment, who offer play equipments of the finest quality. Website:
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